# Getting Started

Thanks for installing Caffeine. This page shows you how to use it.


Keeping screen on for long periods may damage your screen.

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# How to use

Caffeine provides you with several ways to use it. You can decide how to use it by circumstances.

# Using tile

Caffeine is mainly a tile-based app. You can activate or deactivate it by clicking Caffeine tile. Following steps show you how to add Caffeine tile:

  • Pull down status bar
  • Click "" or other similar button
  • Add Caffeine tile to quick settings

# Using shortcut

In Android 7.1+, you can use toggle Caffeine by shorcut.

Generally, long pressing on Caffeine launcher icon will lead you to the shortcut menu. You can click "Toggle" in the menu to activate or deactivate Caffeine.

In most ROMs, you can add it to home by holding "" next to the option.

# Using externl apps

Please refer to Interacting with Other Apps.

# Resolving compatibility issues

After adding Caffeine tile to quick settings, try activating it. If it works, you can close this guide now. If not, please refer to Issues.

# Support development

I spent lots of time on Caffeine, but I didn't add any ads or in-app purchases to Caffeine and didn't get paid. If you like Caffeine, please consider supporting me.

You can support me by installing my new app Monochrome (opens new window). It's a handy app that allows you to scan and store your frequently used barcodes.

I'm deeply grateful for all supports!